The World of Pangala

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The World of Pangala

Post by Tuli-yatis on Wed May 14, 2014 1:24 pm

Pangala is an alternate-Earth, medieval/fantasy world, borrowing heavily from the many cultures found in our own Earth's history. There are two moons that orbit Pangala, Diacenia (the larger) and Ralya (the smaller). They affect the tides and shape-shifters a bit differently than our own single moon.

There are three known continents and fourteen known lands at this time. There are other continents, lands, and cultures that have yet to be discovered. Tethys is the largest of the known continents, home to westerns lands of Ardys, Antenor, Corsinth, Demnarclund, Endymion, and Madoré. Azania is the second largest, home to Bashir, Hannon, Jiwani, Serapion, and Sumati. Cimmera is the smallest continent, with the lands of Qian-hua, Yurik, and Zeshin. There are also many island chains the largest centering between the three continents and known as No Man's Lands and The Pirate Isles, home to the notorious and dangerous Salt Wolves.

Pangala is more water than land, having six known oceans. Rheic is the northern-most ocean, cradling the lands of Demnarclund. West of Rheic is Panthalasa, to the southeast of Madoré is Iapetus, to the southwest of Azania is Ægir, to the northwest is Ethareá, and unknown to most on the other side of the world is Khanty. Ocean travel is a dangerous business and most ships hug the coastlines when the weather is fair and attempt to avoid the seas when they are rough. Sudden storms, sea monsters, and Salt Wolves are ever on the lookout for foolish oceanic travelers.

Two lands have fallen into the realms of myth, Auriol  and Khamagor. Auriol is the fabled homeland of the Sìochäir, having drifted to the southern pole of Pangala and frozen over to become an ice cap. It is home to none but a few animals and supports no plant life. The Sidhe and the Sìochäir are the only beings who still recall the land of Auriol. The rather large island of Khamagor is known only to the dragons and a very small select few the dragons have trusted to enlighten. Most anyone who hears of this land believes it to be a myth.

Information regarding lands, cultures, races, etc. are in the process of being added.

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