Races: Sìochäir

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Races: Sìochäir

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Sìochäir (elves) are generally lean, willowy beings. They resemble slender humans, a bit taller, with long, pointed ears and thin, angular faces. Sìochäir live as long as 4000 years (extremely venerable) and are as varied in coloring as humans. They tend to be between five and six feet tall. They have a love of art, beauty, history, and magics. Sìochäir tend to have a rather dry sense of humor, understood by very few others. The sìochäir are very much attuned to their environments and dislike disruption. Sìochäir are rather stoic and serious, studious, and fond of quiet (with the exception of the Faileäs Sìochäir, who embrace war). Sìochäir are very family oriented. There are four branches of the sìochäiran race in Pangala, each having their own cultures, locations, and physical characteristics.

Sìochäir (except for Fairge Sìochäir) can cross-breed with humans, sidhe, arzshenk, kentauri, and incubi/succubae only.

Muirichinn Sìochäir or Muirichinn Laigren ("Children of the Laigren Tree"), as they call themselves, are referred to as High Elves by humans and other races. The Laigren tree is the sacred symbol of the Goddess Ardyserene. The Sìochäir dwell in Ardys, ruling the land and only recently accepting other races into their fold. The Muirichinn Sìochäir are the tallest of the sìochäir, males averaging six and a half to seven feet in height. They are usually pale (soldiers tend to tan lightly) and adorned with much jewelry. They are crafty in battle, infamous archers, and have long memories. Considered arrogant and condescending by other races.

Coille Sìochäir, also called Wild sìochäir, they live in nomadic clans of twenty or less. Coille Sìochäir are very athletic and somewhat more muscular than the other sìochäir. They average about five and a half feet tall and live to be as old as 3000 years. Keepers of the Forest, they discourage trophy hunting and the cutting of trees. They keep themselves uncluttered and are famous for their archery skills. Coille Sìochäir are rather isolated, not liking towns or cities, and are distrustful of strangers. They will rarely enhance their appearance with jewelry or accessories. Some few will become solitary wanderers of the world. The are also considered arrogant and condescending by other races.

Faileäs Sìochäir, also called the Shadow Sìochäir or Shadow Elves (drow for D&D fans, though we do not use this term in Pangala)are the darkest and the sturdiest of all the sìochäir. Ebon skinned and averaging just over five and a half feet tall, no one mistakes the Faileäs Sìochäir for any other race. Their hair ranges is either black, white, silver, or platinum; eyes are red, pink, blue, purple, or salmon. Extremely matriarchal, females hold all positions of power. All Faileäs Sìochäir are renown warriors and the females tend to be powerful arcanists and sorcerers. Social station is the ultimate purpose of the Faileäs Sìochäir. Their culture is one of hedonism and pleasure seeking as well as soldiering and mercenary work. Males tend to be more muscular and stockier than other sìochäir, the women tend to be more voluptuous as well.

Faileäs Sìochäir are a branch of the original elves of Auriol. When Auriol shifted due to earthquakes, and drifted southward to freeze, the sìochäir abandoned their homelands and took to the seas. Some were better prepared than others. The seas took its toll on all the survivors and many made it to the Island of Samera. Food was scarce, water was scarce. Some of the drifters survived via the sin of cannibalism. Those who did were forever cursed by the Goddess Ardyserene, marked by their deed. Their skin is black as a scab, (black with a reddish hue), and they were cast upon the shores of Madoré rather than Samera, separated from those who did not partake in the sin. The Goddess marked them so all would know the displeasure of Ardyserene, wearing their sin upon their skin.

The descendants carry the mark still, and they have a reputation for being egocentric, manipulative, and somewhat evil. This reputation is just that. The society is complex, with power struggles and matriarchs. For the Faileäs Sìochäir, this is just the normal way of life; to outsiders, it is shifty and dangerous. Due to their small numbers when cast aside by the goddess, the Faileäs Sìochäir adopted a life of hedonism to increase their numbers. Sexuality is an openly accepted (and encouraged) virtue, so long as all parties involved are willing participants. All forms of pleasure are publically displayed and celebrated.

Fairge Sìochäir, also called Aquatic sìochäir, are a people who live in the oceans and seas of Pangala. Fairge Sìochäir do not have hair (including body hair) and their skin is similar to that of dolphins and whales. They have a layer of fat (blubber) under their skin, have webbed hands and feet, and have two arms and two legs. Fairge Sìochäir have gills rather than lungs and cannot breath air without magical aid. It is exceedingly rare to find them out of their ocean, and not for very long. They wear no clothing but do wear belts and harnesses to carry weapons and equipment. Fairge Sìochäir are found in temperate and tropical waters only.

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