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About Demnarclund

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:45 pm

Demnarclund is a large eastern country of Tethys, with a Germanic/Scandinavian feel. Forts, towns, and farming communities dot the mountainous landscape. There are only four real cities in Demnarclund: Demnarc (capitol), Asghar, Malvern, and Ravinbran. Smaller towns, forts, and villages can be found as well: Durwin, Kirkegaard, Kirkelin, and Kirkevold. ("Kirke means "fort").

The races of Demnarclund tend to self-segregate: humans, giants, kulajana, and dragonkin are the most common people found (mainly a land of giants and kulajana). Sidhe, sìochäir, and fey are not kindly looked upon; demon-kin are generally hated.

Each town or community has a leader or chieftain. They quarrel among each other, raids and battles between these communities are common. The country itself is lorded over by a rather indifferent king.

The cultures are rather similar to that of the Scandinavians and pre-Christian Celts. Very clannish and battle hungry, death is only feared when one dies of old age rather than in battle. It is a society of equals, women having s much rights as men; polygamy is not uncommon, although the husband must have prior approval of his wife/wives before taking another. It is a very pagan and superstitious land.

Most commercial needs in Demnarclund are met within its own borders and very few items are imported or exported. Kulajanan ales, weapons, armor, salt, gems, and jewelry are highly sought after items in the rest of Tethys. Imports are mainly linen, silk, spices, and cotton.

Locations -- Alford: River Asghar: town Demnarc: capitol city Durwin: dwarven village Hildegarde: mountain Kirkegaard: fort town Kirkelin: fort town Kirkevold: fort town Kirkeford: fort town Langrek: mountain range Malvern: town Ravinbran: port town Sigrun: river

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