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About Antenor

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:52 pm

Duchies: Ballard, Ainlin, Eckney, Heleyne, Kinsey, Jacinth, and Neve

Antenor is the largest civilized country of Tethys, located in the northwest. It has a long and turbulent history and has only recently enjoyed a period of prolonged peace. All races can be found in this rather diverse country, particularly the sidhe, kentauri, halflings, humans, and sìochäir. Antenor's culture is as rich and diverse as its populous. Once isolated by King Hugh Kenway. Antenor has become a melting pot in the past two hundred years. Although Antenor is now and enlightened country, with arts and sciences flourishing, tensions still exist with those who dwell among its borders. Tolerance is the law and usually held to, with the exceptions of Dragons, dragonkin, and goblinoid races. Like most medieval cultures class distinctions and gender-supression is common. Women are considered second-class citizens, not permitted to vote or own property unless they are high born.

Kings once rules Antenor, however tyranny and constant warring nearly bankrupted and destroyed the country. For over four hundred years, the people labored under high taxes, diseases, war demands, and extreme poverty. Only the kings had amassed any wealth and were quick to abuse the people. A rebellion led by Duke Alasdair Brennan of Ballard and Duke Athelstan Gannon of Jacinth just over two hundred years ago. This quickly escalated into civil war and revolution. The resulting war ended with the execution of King Kenway, his Queen, and their heirs. The people rallied around the seven dukes who led the revolution and accepted them jointly as the new leaders of Antenor.

The official symbol of Antenor is the Rampant Lion of the Kenway family, beside the seven Stars of the Duchies, and is proudly displayed as the National Flag. To avoid confusion in the days following the overthrow, the First Seven, as they are now known, kept the lion of the Kenway family and the national colors of blue and silver. The stars were added to represent each Duchy in the kingdom. The Silver Lion is still one of the most valuable coins in Antenor, with a Rampant Lion on the face, and seven stars replacing the face of the former king on the back.

Rather than a monarchy, Antenor now is ruled by a High Council of the Dukes and Duchesses known as The Seven. The Seven meets once every two months in various Duchy seats to hold High Court and to tend to national concerns. Among those concerns at the moment regards the Isle of Chalor, claimed by both Antenor and Corsinth. Several generations have passed since the uprising and people prosper under the current leadership. The economy is greatly improved, nearly all races are accepted as equals, women of high birth now have the right to ownership and inheritance, and laws are generally administered swiftly and with fairness. Slavery and indentured servitude are common punishments for crimes of theft or murder. Rarely is anyone put to death for a crime.

All races can be found in this rather diverse country, particularly the sidhe, kentauri, halflings, and Síochäir.  Humans are also quite common as are halflings. The races of the Dukes and Duchesses are as varied as its people. Nearly all races are welcome in Antenor, although demonkin are not looked upon fondly. Dragons are openly hunted and there is no penalty for killing any of these particular races, as they are considered dangerous. Shape-shifters and the undead can also be found and are generally shunned, being considered as outside the natural order. There exists small organizations who specifically hunt shifters the undead, without government sanction. They are rarely convicted if caught.

Each on the seven duchies has its own Duke or Duchess and are further divided among various earldoms. The duchies rarely squabble among themselves, having formed strong bonds between The Seven. The dukes and duchesses tend to their own duchies but join together on matters that involve the entire nation. Poverty and wealth can both be found in Antenor, although in general, the people are pleased with their rulers. Polygamy is common among the nobles and commoners.  The Seven, however, and their families, rarely practice polygamy.

The cultures in Antenor vary by town, city, and village, but are mainly based off early medieval up through renaissance England. Religions are as diverse as the people, but the druids are highly influential among both the common people and the nobles. There are temples and shrines scattered across the lands, dedicated to the numerous gods and goddesses. The churches, and temples are under the protection of The Seven and they pay taxes (like everyone else) to support these religious institutions. Druid Groves also dot the countryside and tend to isolate themselves from the various towns and villages. The Druids are highly influential among the nobles and commoners alike. Rather than being a strictly religious order, the Druids are natural philosophers and keepers of the balance of nature and the gods. They are constantly studying nature and its ways, gathering histories and laws, forever sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others. The Grove of Polaris in Duchy Ballard is the seat of the Druidic branches, home to many High Druids, the Arch-Druid (there is only one at a time) and The Lady of the Grove (also only one at a time). The current Lady of the Grove is Ko-tori Inu Seolfur and the current Arch-Druid (also called the Merlin) is Ióéil Custálë.

Antenor is friendly with most of its neighbors, particularly Endymion and Madoré, having trade agreements and war alliances with both. People can travel freely among the borders of three nations without harassment from the government. Antenor imports various meats, textiles, vegetation, medicines, spices, and artwork from its neighbors. Its main exports are wines, cheeses, wool, salt, iron, and precious metals and stones. While allied with two of its neighbors, Antenor is on somewhat hostile terms with Corsinth and Ardys. Both countries supported King Hugh Kenway during the civil war and hostilities are still high. Recently, however, Antenor has reached out to Ardys with an offer of peace and an end to the tribute that has been demanded of Ardys since the end of the civil war.

Farthing (bronze bit) - bronze coin, penny-sized; most common currency
Schilling - copper coin, nickel-sized; worth five farthings/bits
Ducat - silver coin, quarter-sized; worth 30 schillings
Silver Lion - silver coin, dollar-sized; worth 100 ducats
Noble - gold coin, dime-sized (twice as thick); worth 2 Silver Lions

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Duchy Ballard

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:16 pm

Colors: Black/Gold
Symbol: Oyster Shell
Heart-city: Inskeep
Duke: Donal Brennan

Duchy Ballard holds the largest population of Antenor and is located in the north-western tip of the country. Various towns and villages are scattered about; the coastline home to many fishing communities. The Adelroth Mountains run from North to South, forming the eastern border of the duchy. The northern most peak, Fireray, is the highest mountain in Antenor. The Fireray River runs down from the peak westward, providing water for many towns, villages, and farming communities until it empties into the Ethareá Ocean through the Whitedell Bay in Inskeep.

The heart-city of Duchy Ballard is Inskeep, the former capitol city of Antenor. With a population of 84,000 peoples scattered among its many acres, it is both the largest city in all Antenor and one of the most important. It is the trade center for the country and the gathering place for The Seven. Once every other month all the Dukes and Duchesses meet in Inskeep to discuss official business and tend to High Court matters.

A port city, Inskeep is located to the west of the delta of the Fireray River. This huge, crowded city near the coast, built predominantly of granite, is best known for its large and busy market square. Smugglers, thieves, and merchants all thrive here, nearly as well as they do in Polemo, heart city of Duchy Heleyne. Many of the buildings in Inskeep have been constructed from the bricks of King Kenway's castle. The ruins lie to the west of the city and have been abandoned for over a century.

The culture of Duchy Ballard is very much like that of renaissance England; filled with artisans, tradesmen, craftsmen, and scientists. It also has its share of wizards, elementalists, and mages to balance out the scientists. Being home to several sea-ports, Duchy Ballard has a large diversity of races passing through its borders, trading goods and tales, and settling in to live.

Inskeep is also home to Duke Donal Brennan, his wife, the Lady Winfrith Fitzalan Brennan, and their children: the Lord Hugh Brennan (wife Lady Jacinda Brennan), Lord Kennith Brennan, and Lady Elspeth Brennan. His home is a compact castle, built of ivory stone and set on the crest of a hill. It has a large imposing gateway and is always busy. The castle is approached by a paved road that leads from the center of Inskeep to the main gates. Duke Brennan rules his duchy fairly and has acquired a reputation for being honest, intelligent, and rather striking in appearance. The Duchess is also well liked and has a reputation of being very generous and merciful.

Many tradesmen and craftsmen dwell within Duchy Ballard, particularly in Inskeep and ply their goods with much success. Taxes are relatively high in Inskeep and Ballard County compared to the remaining duchies, but the citizens generally do not complain. Many luxuries can be found in Duchy Ballard thanks to the prompt payment of taxes. Major exports are wool, furs, silk, spices, wood, fine furnishings, weavings, seafood, and beef; imports are too numerous to list.

Duchy Ballard is home to the Grove of Polaris, seat of the Druids. The Lady of the Grove and the Arch-Druid often confer with Duke Brennan and his counsels, as well as with the other dukes and duchesses of Antenor. The Lady, Ko-tori Inu Seolfur, is often found in their various halls along with her sister, Dame Tuli-yatis Seolfur, who acts as both a druid of Polaris as well as Chief Magistrate of Bridges and an ambassador of Antenor.

Duke Donal Brennan (human; Inskeep)
Duchess Winfrith Fitzalan Brennan (human; wife of Donal)
Lord Hugh Brennan (human; eldest son of Donal and Winfrith)
Lady Jacinda Brennan (half-sìochäir /half-human; wife of Hugh)
Lord Kennith Brennan (human; son of Donal and Winfrith)
Lady Elspeth Brennan (human; daughter of Donal and Winfrith)
Earl Lómadriel Celalindë (sìochäir; Lenton)
Countess Isadrieril Celalindë (half-sìochäir /half-human; wife of Lómadriel)
Earl Haith Stuart (human; Westcove)
Countess Ava Stuart (human; wife of Haith)
Baron Conrad Windbolt (halfling; Preston)
Lady Oriana Windbolt (halfling; wife of Conrad)
Emelyne Windbolt (halfling; daughter of Conrad and Oriana)
Baron Isian Perodur (sìochäir ; Lenton)
Baroness Aladriel Perodur (sìochäir ; wife of Isian)
Baron Aloysius Balston (gnome; Westcove)
Baroness Corsinde Balston (gnome; wife of Aloysius)
Lord Algernon Balston (gnome; son of Aloysius and Corsinde)
High Sheriff Sir Roland Otho (half-aunyaina/half-human; Inskeep)
Dame Tuli-yatis Zeyada Seolfur,The Dark Bard; Chief Magistrate of Bridges (half-sidhe/half-human; Inskeep, all of Antenor)
Sheriff Maylwen Congdon (halfling; Sheridan)
Sheriff Hedra Stonebane (kulajana; Lenton)
Sheriff Brock Woodley (half-sìochäir /half-sidhe; Westcove)
Dame Tomyris Daladier (half-sìochäir /half-human; Inskeep)
Nodel Liachas, Arch-Druid (sidhe; Grove of Polaris)
The Lady Ko-tori Inu Seolfur (3/4-sidhe/1/4-human; Lady of the Grove; The Grove of Polaris)
Ióéil Custálë (sìochäir; Arch-Druid/Merlin; The Grove of Polaris)
Lady Aine (sidhe; Lady of the Summerlands; Aunt to Tuli, Ko-tori, Sylvina; Brehon, and Nodel)
Inskeep (heart-city; port)
Lenton (large town)
The Grove of Polaris (Sacred Grove of the Druids)
Westcove (large town)
Preston (small town)
Sheridan (town)
Annandale (village)
Summerlands (Homeland of the Sidhe; accessed through The Grove of Polaris)

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Duchy Ainlin

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:17 pm

Colors: Purple & Blue
Symbol: Branch of Berries
Heart-city: Southall
Duke:  Trelawny Wyndom (Kentauri)

Duchy Ainlin is the western-most duchy of Antenor, and the smallest, located on the Isle of Chalor. Duchy Ainlin is lorded over by Duke Trelawny Wyndom and second wife Duchess Anastasia Wyndom. They have no children together, however, Trelawyn's first marriage produced two son's: the Lords Elysandre and Ariston Wyndom. He rules firmly but fairly and is the only duke who is regularly absent at the court of The Seven. In his place, he sends emissaries and his son Elysandre, who will one day replace the aging Duke.

Southall is the third largest city in all of Antenor, and is the only city on Chalor. This modest city is extremely crowded with population just under 9,000. The home of Duke Wyndom is just outside the city of Southall, set on a grassy plateau and has a lavish garden. There is no true castle or stronghold, being instead an array of simple dwellings and luxurious pavilions that are connected by open walkways.

Being formed from a now extinct volcano, the Isle of Chalor is quite fertile. The rich soil produces some of the finest foods in all of Antenor. Orchards are common and much of the fruits exported from Antenor come from Duchy Ainlin. Among its fruits are peaches, apples, plums, grapes, various berries, citrus fruits, and kiwi. Vegetables are carrots, lettuce, potatoes, beets, celery, spinach, turnips, cabbages, and the likes. Flax also grows well on the island, its fine linen well known and highly sought. The only livestock raised on Chalor is limited to a few hundred sheep and chickens.

Isle of Chalor was added to the country of Antenor during the revolutionary war that dethroned and killed King Kenway. It was taken as a prize of war from the Kingdom of Corsinth as punishment for backing the corrupt King and his loyal followers. Corsinth still declares the Isle of Chalor as its own. Skirmishes and small battles occasionally erupt between Corsinth and Antenor over the disputed island. The Isle itself is divided into three districts (Southall, Prydwen, and Bedwyr); the heart-city Southall being its own district.

Much of the Isle of  Chalor is mostly populated by sidhe, kentauri, a few humans, sìochäir, and halflings. The island is small and hosts no Earls or Countess; having two Barons instead. The culture of Duchy Ainlin is somewhat barbarous, a bit less educated than the rest of Antenor, but the populous is very hard working and hard playing.

Duke Trelawny Wyndom (kentauri; Southall District)
Duchess Anastasia  Wyndom (human; second wife of Trelawny)
Lord Elysandre Wyndom (kentauri; eldest son of Trelawny)
Lord Ariston Wyndom (kentauri; second son of Trelawny)
Baron Thrasius Kephalon (kentauri; Prydwen District)
Baroness Cyrene Kephalon (kentauri; wife of Thrasius)
Lord Minos Kephalon (kentauri; eldest son of Thrasius & Cyrene)
Lady Psyche Kephalon (kentauri; eldest daughter of Thrasius & Cyrene)
Melissa Kephalon (kentauri; youngest daughter of Thrasius & Cyrene)
Baron Kelithor Snowmane (sìochäir ; Bedwyr District)
Baroness Aurelia Snowmane (human; wife of Kelithor)
Lady Mahayla Snowmane (half-sìochäir, half human; only child of Kelithor & Aurelia)
High Sheriff Tem Blacklock (half-sìochäir, half human; Southall District)
Sheriff Hippon Dardanus (kentauri; Prydwen District)
Sheriff Drystan Eliazor (sìochäir ; Bedwyr District)

Southall (heart-city/District)
Prydwen (District)
Bedwyr (District)
McCanse (Village; Prydwen District)
Dairmid (Village; Prydwen District)
Llewl (Village; Bedwyr District)
Kilburn (Village; Bedwyr District)
Dunnlin (Village; Bedwyr District)

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Duchy Eckney

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:31 pm

Colors: White/grey
Symbol: Pickaxe
Heart-city: Leodes
Duke: Drugo Fawkes

Duchy Eckney is the second largest duchy in Antenor. Nestled in the Adelroth Mountains, it's northern border touches Duchy Ballard, and it's western border grazes the neighboring lands of Endymion. The easterns plains towns use much of their lands to grow flax for linen and the western towns and heart-city mine the rich Adelroth Range for copper, salt silver, coal, and iron; silkworms are bred in the foothills, making Duchy Eckney the richest duchy in all of Antenor. For all that is produces in wealthy materials, there are few luxuries to be had in Duchy Eckney.

The people feel somewhat oppressed by their ruling duke, but none dare speak out against him for fear of reprisals. While he is not a cruel man, Duke Drugo Fawkes is very strict in enforcing the laws of the land, granting clemency to no one, regardless of age, gender, race, rank, etc. There is little culture itself in Duchy Eckney, save for hard work and little play. The majority of  the population in Eckney are slaves and indentured servants, paying for crimes committed in Antenor by working the farm, silk manufacturing, or in the numerous salt and mineral mines.

The slaves and indentured servants are treated with much contempt by the free people in Duchy Eckney, but the slaves and servants are protected by laws to prevent physical abuse or neglect from those they serve under. They are considered the property of Duke Fawkes and harsh penalties are issued against those who damage or mistreat his property. Most of the slaves have been convicted of major crimes and are kept under constant watch as they work the mines. Many are branded with a secondary mark, depicting which crime they committed. Persons who have commited a particularly violent crime (murder, rape, etc.) tend to be executed rather than branded as a slave. Duchy Eckney is the only Duchy to pass death sentences on criminals.

Major crimes include robbery, arson (without a death involved), horse theft, damaging property, theft of items or great value, persons in debt that exceeds thrice their annual value, and poachers who hunt  the undead or those who suffer from Ulfhedron's disease. Persons convicted of these crimes (regardless where in Antenor) are sent to Duchy Eckney to serve as slaves in the mines, a life sentence. Those who have committed lesser offences are not branded or sent to the mines, but instead serve a period of time, how long depending on the monetary costs per crime, as an indentured servant, leased to tradesmen and craftsmen of the duchy. These tend to be the impoverished, or petty thieves. Indentured servants work until they have earned enough to repay the victims of their crimes plus interest (5%) for each year it takes to earn the wages. They must also earn enough to feed and clothe themselves while indentured.

The heart-city Leodes is a small but protective walled city. It houses approximately 7,500 people with nearly half the population being slaves or indentured servants. Smiths and wevers can be found on nearly every corner in Leodes, as well as in the various towns and villages. Tradesmen and craftsmen prosper well in Leodes, their materials being supplied by the farms and mines. Duke Fawkes lives in the central portion of Leodes, in a modest two storey house with his only son, Drago. Taxes are collected swiftly and sometimes brutally by the High Seriff Phyxryn Teken'lyl, and always delivered promtly and in full to the Duke; his own share being taken first. Duke Fawkes is not a popular man and his estranged wife has chosen to live away from him and his son, residing in Ronceveaux. They are still legally married but have nothing to do with each other. Duke Fawkes is highly favored by the other Dukes and Duchesses of Antenor for his ability to keep crimes in check and run his lands smoothly and efficiently. Duke Donal Brennan of Duchy Ballard has spoken out against Duck Fawkes from time to time regarding his harsh treatment of slaves.

Duke Drugo Fawkes (half-sìochäir, half-human; Leodes)
Lady Malinde Fawkes (sìochäir; estranged wife of Drugo Fawkes; Ronceveaux)
Lord Drago Fawkes (3/4 sìochäir, 1/4 human; son of Drugo and Malinde Fawkes; Leodes)
Earl Moritz Stonefist (kulajana; Ronceveaux)
Countess Svanhild Stonefist (kulajana; wife of Mortiz Stonefist)
Lord Gunnar Stonefist (kulajana; son of Moritz and Svanhild Stonefist)
Lady Ursa Stonefist (kulajana; daughter of Moritz and Svanhild Stonefist)
Lady Arla Stonefist (kulajana; daughter of Moritz and Svanhild Stonefist)
Baron Reinhardt Voragine (arzshenk; Horwood)
Baroness Hestia Voragine (arzshenk; wife of Reinhardt Voragine)
Lady Mara Voragine (arzshenk; daughter of Reinhardt and Hestia Voragine)
Lord Reynard Voragine (arzshenk; son of Reinhardt and Hestia Voragine)
Baron Thorlief Ironhammer (kulajana; Westoning)
Baroness Lynore Ironhammer (kulajana; wife of Thorlief Ironhammer)
Lord Hrolf Ironhammer (kulajana; son of Thorlief and Lynore Ironhammer)
Lady Willa Ironhammer (kulajana; daughter of Thorlief and Lynore Ironhammer)
Lord Ritho Ironhammer (kulajana; son of Thorlief and Lynore Ironhammer)
High Sheriff Phyxryn Teken'lyl (faileäs sìochäir; Leodes)
Deputy Seutonius Faria (arzshenk; Leodes)
Deputy Solaxle Cinad'r (faileäs sìochäir; Westoning)
Deputy Kogan Shieldbreaker (kulajana; Ronceveaux)

Leodes (heart-city)
Ronceveaux (city)
Telford (mining town)
Westoning (mining town)
Horwood (farming town)
Kanaur (farming town)
Vertmill (farming town)
Dorhill (farming town)
Telford Salt Mines
Adelroh Mountains
Fireray River
Fireray Peak
Shadow Rock Lake

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Duchey Heleyne

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:13 pm

Colors: Blue/Green
Symbol: Two Fish
Heart-city: Polemo
Duke: Rhys Kennington

Heleyne (huh-LEEN) is located south of Duchy Ballard and east of the Isle of Chalor. It is the second largest duchy in Antenor, with a large population of merchants, nobles, farmers, and craftsmen. Its shipwrights and sailors are said to be the best in all the lands. The Duchy produces ships, seafood, produce, livestock, and trade.

Duke Rhys and Duchess Isolde Kennington tend to the peoples of Duchy Heleyne, along with their children: Lady Bronwen and Lords Gaheris and Lionel Kennington. The heart-city Polemo is home to the Duke and his family. Located across the bay from the Isle of Chalor, Polemo is the second largest city, with 11,500 citizens and has the third highest tax in the country. It stands beside the sea and is mainly constructed of brick. As a port city, it is a veritable marketplace for the exotic as well as the common. Foods from Chalor come through Polemo first, as well as a few specific imports from lands across the seas. Exotic animals, slaves, rare spices, and woods can be purchased in Polemo. It houses many fine artisans and intellects, being home to the Polemo University.

The Duke's family home is a towering castle, built of dull brown stone and set near the sea. Rumors say that it contains a restless ghost of a long dead lord. It is approached by a narrow paved road and high iron-wrought gates. It is the tallest structure in Polemo and visited frequently by various nobles and commoners alike.

Mages, scholars, and nobles travel long distances to study at the Polemo University.  It has a large and varied curriculum and rumored to have the wisest in all Polaris as its professors. It is rather difficult to gain admittance into the University if one is not of a rather wealthy family. However, the University does accept twenty-five students from the poorer, common classes each year. These lucky twenty-five are hand picked by the dean, receiving housing and education at no cost to them.

The culture of Heleyne is complicated; a mixing of seafaring, fishined, the highly educated, the artistic, natives, and foreigners. Many races from all over Pangala can be found in Duchy Heleyne, most in Polemo itself. This gives a richness to the language, arts, foods, and celebrations. The people are hard-working and hard-playing. They enjoy faires, hunts, tournaments, and many holidays. Music, dance, and storytelling are favorite pastimes of the common people. The Kenningtons are well thought of by the populous, being a rather celebratory family. Many feasts and balls are hosted in their ducal home.

Duke Rhys Kennington (sìochäir; Polemo)
Duchess Isolde Kennington (human; wife of Rhys Kennington)
Lady Bronwyn Kennington (half-sìochäir, half human; daughter of Rhys and Isolde Kennington)
Lord Gaheris Kennington (half-sìochäir, half human; son of Rhys and Isolde Kennington)
Lord Lionel Kennington (half-sìochäir, half human; son of Rhys and Isolde Kennington)
Earl Gláviel Oliath (sìochäir; Lynore)
Lady Clarissa Oliath (half sidhe, half human; wife of Gláviel Oliath)
Earl Cedrick Dumont (human; Gwale)
Lady Clarissa Dumont (human; daughter of Cedrick Dumont)
Earl Wictred Fairfax (kulajana; Lynore)
Earl Roderick Prescott (human; Eastmore)
Countess Melusine Prescott (kentauri; wife of Roderick Prescott)
Lady Emery Prescott (kentauri; daughter of Roderick and Melusine Prescott)
Baron Shain Abernathy (halfling; McKelvy)
Baroness Alison Abernathy (halfing; wife of Shain Abernathy)
High Sheriff Dame Celestine MacElphin (sìochäir; Polemo)
Sheriff Maurie Tessel (halfling; Gwales and Caywood Forest)
Sheriff Niall Skye (half-sìochäir, half human; Eastmore)
Sheriff Finn Harrison (human; Lynore and McKelvy)
Rodren Mcvol, blacksmith (sidhe; twin of Taewren Mcvol;Polemo)
Taewren Mcvol, innkeeper "Green Wyvern Inn" (sidhe; twin of Rodren Mcvol; Polemo)
Alain Mcvol (half human, half sidhe; foster son of Rodren Mcvol; true son of Emerick and Tuli-yatis)
Ke-Kur, pawnbroker "You Broke Pawn" (borbytingara;Polemo)
Jalaja Singh, barmaid "Green Wyvern Inn" (demonkin; Polemo)
Widow Cerdic, tavern owner "SweetMeats" (human;Polemo)

Polemo (heart-city; University)
Towns: Lynore, McKelvy, Gwales, and Eastmore
Academy of the Ancient Lights (Lynore)
The Path of the Great Forests (monastery; Polemo)
The Illuminated Academy of the Shining Heavens (monastery; Lynore)
Academy of the Winds (McKelvy)
Academy of the Fires (Eastmore)
Grove of the Spiraling Hawk (druidic enclave)
Caywood Forest

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Duchy Kinsey

Post by Tuli-yatis on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:30 pm

Colors: Yellow/Gold
Symbol: Wheat Sheaf
Heart-city: Straton
Duchess: Lilliard Rutledge

Duchy Kinsey is easternmost Duchy in Antenor. The Adelroth Range forms its border with Endymion on the east and south. It is neither the largest, nor the smallest Duchy, but it is very productive. There are two large cities in Kinsey, as well as towns and villages. Several granite quarries are located along the Adelroth Range. Kinsey is full of farms, woods, lakes, and game. Hunting is a favorite sport of the nobility in Duchy Kinsey. Cattle ranches, graineries, and potato farms are scattered along its acres.

Heart-city Straton is less a city and more a large farming community. By acreage, it is larger than Polemo, but it has a much smaller population, with only 8100 people in its sprawling, open lands. Surrounded by cattle farms, it is not the most desirable city to visit. The overwhelming stench of cattle and slaughter fill the air, and one must always be careful where one steps. Straton produces much of the kingdom's beef,pork, and sheep, and a majority of the grains. The market square of Straton is usually filled with ranchers and grain farmers; only a few luxuries make there way here.

Straton is also home to Duchess Lilliard Rutledge and her younger brother Lord Dominic. Duchess  Rutledge rules with a gentle hand, aided by her brother. She is yet unmarried and has no children. The Rutledge estates are built of pale grey stone, set on the side of Mount Crag. Known as the HIgh Crags, the lands are approached carefully by a narrow, rocky path. Originally built as a fortress during the reign of King Kenway's gransire, High Crags was a guard Post. Each generation to occupy High Crags has slowly added onto and improved the fortress, with the exception of the current Duchess. High Crags is separated from but overlooks the city of Straton.

The culture is as varied as its people, being home to many races. The people work hard and find little time for entertainments not found in pubs, taverns, and fairs. Bards and minstrels are welcome guests for the news they bring, as well as the songs and tales they provide.

The city of Bellmill is located on the north-western edge of Duchy Kinsey and is tended by Earl Avisdan Kaylor. It stands astride the Upper Looss River and is mainly constructed of stone. It's most noteworthy feature is the large and busy marketplace in the center of town. Earl Kaylor is known to be a lazy and somewhat lenient lord, collecting taxes only when the Duchess threatens his station. He is liked by most of the people, but not by the courtiers of Duchess Rutledge. There have been talks at court to replace him with someone more capable of running the county and bringing in more taxes. Earl Kaylor has few ambitions, having inherited his title from his father, and tends to spend his days neglecting his wife by lying about listening to bards, dallying with slave girls, or hunting.

Duchess Lilliard Rutledge (human; Straton)
Lord Dominic Rutledge (human; younger brother or Lilliard Rutledge)
Earl Tetterwort Lightfoot (halfling; Straton)
Countess Belladonna Lightfoot (halfling; wife of Tetterwort Lightfoot)
Lord Whistle Lightfoot (halfling; song ot Tetterwort and Belladonna Lightfoot)
Lord Spruce Lightfoot (halfling; song ot Tetterwort and Belladonna Lightfoot)
Earl Fhinrik Silverbristle (kulajama; Glenith)
Countess Skadi Silverbristle (kulajana; wife of Fhinrik Silverbristle)
Earl Avisdan Kaylor (human; Longtin)
Countess Leoir Kaylor (sìochäir; wife of Avisdan Kaylor)
Lord Taryn Kaylor (half sìochäir, half human; son of Avisdan and Leoir Kaylor)
High Sheriff Sir Hartwig Windwood (halfling; Straton)
Sheriff Acorn Redbark (halfling; Glenith)
Sheriff Lugh Glennon (human; Greasewood)
Sheriff Sella Brierion (sìochäir; Longtin)

Straton (heart-city)
Bellmill (city)
Towns: Glenith, Longtin, and Greasewood
Cobble Creek (village)
Longtin River
Lower Looss River
Upper Looss River
Cobblecreek (stream)
Adelroth Mountain Range
Point Hollow Caverns
Mount Crag
High Crags (Ducal estate)

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Duchy Jacinth

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Colors: Red/Yellow
Symbol: Phoenix
Heart-city: Vara
Duchess: Cassaundra Gannon

Nearly in the center of Antenor, Duchy Jacinth is well traveled by many and holds seasonal market fairs in its heart-city Vara. The is dedicated to farming sheep and goats, spinning wool, and processing cheeses. There are a few vineyards scattered about the county creating a passable wine affordable by most. The heart-city Vara is another sprawling city surrounded by farm lands and outlying towns. Located in the central western plains, Vara, much like Straton, is not the most pleasant city. Vara, being the main city in the duchy, is where sheep are traded, bought, and sold. Vara is quite famous for its fine wools and mutton.  Cheese is another of Duchy Jacinth's famed products, producing nearly all the cheese for the Kingdom and a large portion of the wine and beer.

Much of the culture in Duchy Jacinth is reminiscent of Saxon England before the Normans invaded. Many of the people are hard working landowners, their families working side by side to process the milks and wools, as well as the meats and vegetables that feed much of the duchy. There are constant raids from goblins and outlaws on the small villages and scattered ranches in a never-ending quest for food and treasures. Duchy Jacinth employes mercenaries from Endymion, Duchy Ballard, and Madoré to help protect the lands and people from these raiders.

The Duchess Cassaundra Gannon rules Duchy Jacinth from her home in Vara. She is a bright and comely woman who has yet to wed. Wise for her young years, Duchess Gannon has won the respect of her peers and the hearts of the populace of Duchy Jacinth. Her sharp mind and ability to run and protect her people has met with few problems has brought her to the attentions of more than one suitor. However, she remains steadfast in her resolution not to wed before she is twenty-five. Duke Rogier Fromentin of Duchy Neve is persistent in pursuing her hand in marriage and has recently moved himself and his household to Vara.

Duchess Gannon's home is a compact castle, built of yellow bricks and set beside the River Wendover. Originally a fort, the exterior is not the most welcoming, still sporting signs of the fires that swept through Duchy Jacinth over two hundred years ago . It is approached by a tree-lined avenue and houses a lavish garden, where the duchess can often be found. Duchess Gannon has spent several years converting the fort into a home as well as judicial hall, directing workers to give the exterior and interior a more welcoming feeling for visitors. The castle is nearly always under construction with new renovations.

The city of Vara is not the most pleasant city. It is a moderate-sized, crowded city built predominantly of granite in a deep valley. Most of its revenue comes from agriculture. Sheep, goats, and a few breeds of cattle are bought and sold in the market and the resulting odors and mess are difficult to eradicate. The people who live in Vara appear to take no notice of such offenses, including Duchess Gannon. Vara is quite famous for its fine wools and mutton. Cheese is another od Duchy Jacinth's famed items, producing nearly all the cheese for the country of Antenor, and a large portion of the domestic wines and beers as well.

During the uprising that resulted in the end of King Kenway's tyrannical reign, much of Duchy Jacinth was reduced to ashes, a futile attempt to by the former king to thwart the powerful Duke Athelstan Gannon (Duchess Gannon's paternal great-great grandsire). Once the monarchy was overthrown and the Duchies reestablished, Duchy Jacinth began to rebuild itself under the guidance of Duke Gannon. The duchy emblem was changed from the Black Swan to the Phoenix to symbolize its rebirth from the ashes.

Duchess Cassaundra Gannon (half sìochäir, half human; (Vara)
Duke Rogier Fromentin (sìochäir; Duke of Neve, resides in Vara)
Earl Weland Sussclif (kulajana; Walraven)
Countess Ulrica Sussclif (kulajana; wife of Weland Sussclif)
Lord Weland Sussclif II (kulajana; son of Weland and Ulrica Sussclif)
Earl Lisanore Greystone (half sìochäir, half human; Ravenhold)
Lady Delphina Greystone (human; half-sister of Lisanore Greystone)
Baron Amant Salkil (gnome; Gelven)
Baroness Siobhann Salkil (fey; wife of Amant Salkil)
Lord Bolton Salkil (half gnome, half fey; son of Amant and Siobhann Salkil)
Lady Kennalea Salkil (half gnome, half fey; daughter of Amant and Siobhann Salkil)
Lady Deirdre Salkil (half gnome, half fey; daughter of Amant and Siobhann Salkil)
Lady Shawna Salkil (half gnome, half fey; daughter of Amant and Siobhann Salkil)
Baron Lendol Hixon (halfling; Shadowlawn)
Baroness Katella Hixon (halfling; wife of Lendol Hixon)
Lord Deveral Hixon (halfling; son of Lendol and Katella Hixon)
Lord Condel Hixon (halfling; son of Lendol and Katella Hixon)
Sheriff Avanelle Kavumi (faileäs sìochäir; Vara)
Sheriff Wilda Hilwig (halfling; Gelven)

Vara (heart-city)
Walraven (town & county)
Ravenhold (town & county)
Ravenscroft (Vara; stronghold of Duchess Gannon)
Gelven (town)
Shadowlawn (town)
Two Rivers (village)
Ridgeline (village)
Wendover (river)

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Duchey Neve

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Duchy Neve inhabits the southwestern corner of Antenor and has the smallest number in population. The western border touches both Ardys and Corsinth, the forests spreading into all three lands. The remaining borders touch various Duchies in Antenor. Having only a few villages and small towns, Duchy Neve pays the least in taxes to Antenor. It is the poorest duchy, home to exiles, outcasts, outlaws, and rumors. Heavily guarded lumberyards, mills, carpenters, coopers, and joiners find plenty of material and work. Most of the wood is milled in Naris and then sent to the other duchies for working, or exported to the lands of Kefira.  There are, however, a few joiners and coopers found in Duchy Neve who prosper fairly well. Those who are brave enough to hunt in the ill-reputed woods find plenty of game and danger.

Mainly a dense, wooded tract of land, the heart city Naris and a few other villages have sprung up along the eastern edges of the forests, where land has been cleared. The forests are rumored to be haunted and are avoided by most unescorted travelers. If the 'ghosts' or outlaws do not take  a weary traveler, the marshes might. Outlaws have made a haven of the woods, feeding the stories of ghosts, ghouls, and haunts. Those foolish enough to venture too deeply into the woods alone usually find themselves at the mercy of these exiles. Many who are captured are robbed and sold into slavery in Serapion, forced to join the outlaw bands, or killed outright. In spite of all this, the forests of Duchy Neve produce some of the finest hard and soft woods. Wildlife is also quite abundant in Duchy Neve.

Darkindale Forest is home to many outlaws, vagabonds, disillusioned soldiers, and exiles from various countries. Infamous highwaymen call it home, particularly Atila Teken'ar, a former soldier from Madoré and his band of outlaws. Atila has an arrangement with the proprietress of the Shadow's Embrace Inn, Silence Stugios (a.k.a The Witch of the Woods), and her staff. In exchange for protection and occasional game from the outlaws, Miss Stugios provides medical attention and temporary shelter for the outlaws when needed. Whisper Farrómë, Silence's sister, is married to Daxg Farrómë, cousin of Atila and fellow outlaw.

Heart-city Naris is in truth a small town rather than a city. Somewhat under-populated, it is built predominantly of timber and defended by spiked timber walls. It is located on the north-eastern edge of the Silverkeep Forest. The town boasts of two mills, one large lumberyard, ten joiners, and seven carpenters of the finest skills. Heavily armed guardsmen, recruited from Madoré, are paid to protect those within the walls. Natural ponds dot the cleared landscape rich in waterfowl and fish. Other than Naris, the population of Neve is poor and overworked, enslaved, or outlawed.

Duke Rogier Formentin lords over Duchy Neve, but he does not live in the duchy. Instead, he has elected Earl Tilbert La Goix of Naris to oversee the daily tasks of running the duchy. Monthly reports and collected taxes are brought to Duke Fromentin in Vara, Duchy Jacinth. Duke Rogier is a slender man with coffee colored skin anda sharp-featured face. He has long, rough black hair and amber eyes. He is cautious by nature and rather vain. Much of his time is spent pursuing the affections of Duchess Cassaundra Gannon of Jacinth, in hopes of joining Neve with Jacinth and acquiring monetary support. Thus far, the Duchess Gannon remains opposed to his professed affections.

The people of Duchy Neve tend to congregate in small villages and towns and work the lands or cut down sections of the forests. They work very hard and have few luxuries or time for entertainments. There is little cleared land for cultivation and the forests return quickly upon any neglected sectors. The haunted reputation of the forests prevents the people from clearing the woods completely.

Duke Rogier Formentin (sìochäir, mixed clans; Vara, Duchy Jacinth)
Earl Tilbert La Goix (half sìochäir, half human; Naris)
Countess Isabeau La Goix (human; 1st wife of Tilbert La Goix)
Lady Sybilla La Goix (half side, half human; 2nd wife of Tilbert La Goix)
Lady Carmina La Goix (sìochäir, mixed clans; half-sister/mistress of Tilbert La Goix)
Lady Amphelice La Goix (half sìochäir, half human;daughter ot Tilbert and Isabeau La Goix)
Lady Ophelia La Goix (sìochäir, mixed clans; daughter of Tilbert and Carmina La Goix)
Lord Raphael La Goix (sìochäir, mixed clans; son of Tilbert and Carmina La Goix)
Earl André Leventhorpe (human; Fairmeadow)
Countess Anália Leventhorpe (sìochäir; wife of André Leventhorpe)
Lord Porfidien Leventhorpe (half sìochäir, half human; son of André and Anália Leventhorpe)
Lord Repaseil Leventhorpe (half sìochäir, half human; son of André and Anália Leventhorpe)
Lord Legàthien Leventhorpe (half sìochäir, half human; son of André and Anália Leventhorpe)
Baron Aeniel Highmist (half sìochäir, half human; Fairmeadow)
Baroness Elizabeth Highmist (human; wife of Aeniel Highmist)
Lord Oliver Highmist (half sìochäir, half human; son of Aeniel and Elizabeth Highmist)
Lady Lavinia Highmist (half sìochäir, half human; daughter of Aeniel and Elizabeth Highmist)
Baron Sceg Horseslayer (aunyaina; Swynnesse)
Baroness Megah Horseslayer (human; wife of Sceg Horseslayer)
Lady Meram Horseslayer (half aunyaina, half human; daughter of Sceg and Megah Horseslayer)
Lord Greth Horseslayer (half aunyaina, half human; son of Sceg and Megah Horseslayer)
Lord Edd Horseslayer (half aunyaina, half human; daughter of Sceg and Megah Horseslayer)
High Sheriff Hercule Nero (arzshenk; Naris)
Sheriff Lordig Blademelter (kulajana; Fairmeadow)
Sheriff Talic Mosm (human; Swynnesse)
Nasraha Mosm ( human; wife of Talic Mosm)
Madam Agnes Rockvein (kulajana; outlaw leader in Felmirk Forest)
Atila Teken'ar (faileäs sìochäir; outlaw leader in Darkindale Forest)
Daxg Farrómë (faileäs sìochäir; outlaw in Darkindale Forest)
Whisper Farrómë (demonkin; wife of Daxg Farrómë)
Legacy Farrómë (half faileäs sìochäir, demonkin; daughter of Daxg and Whisper Farrómë)
Málorbrion Farrómë (half faileäs sìochäir, demonkin; son of Daxg and Whisper Farrómë)
Il'utrt Farrómë (half faileäs sìochäir, demonkin; son of Daxg and Whisper Farrómë)
Usami Masakado (human; outlaw leader in Woodbrook)
Silence Stugios (demonkin; owner of Shadow's Embrace in Darkindale Forest; half-sister of Whisper Farrómë and Shadow Stugios)
Shadow Stugios (demonkin; Darkindale Forest)

Naris (heart city)
Fairmeadow (small town)
Swynnesse (small town)
Fieldpond (village)
Willowmoor (village)
Felmirk Forest
Darkindale Forest
Woodbrook (forest)

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