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About Endymion

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Endymion is a smaller country, male-dominated, and located south-east of Antenor on the continent of Eudora. It is divided into three municipal-territories: Leitus, Theages, and Pandaros. It is very similar to the Greco-Roman cultures of the Classic period, tho less warlike and nowhere near as aggressive as Rome itself. Capitol City Theages is located centrally, Leitus to the north, and Pandaros to the south. Other cities and towns are: Cipriano, Epistrophus, Athanasios, Delia, Fornax, and Theotis.  There are also three port-towns: Kossos, Sixto, and Ippoliti.

Endymion is a democratic country ruled by a senate of fifteen; five senators from each city-state who meet on a monthly basis in Theages. The people seem rather pleased with their leaders, who keep them out of most wars and the citizens flourish with the arts, athletics, and philosophies.  Poverty is uncommon, although it does exist in isolated communities. All laws and taxes are voted upon by the senate before being passed.

The arts, education, athletics, and philosophy flourish in Endymion.Many come from other countries to study at the academies and learn from the wise teachers. Endymion rivals Antenor for the number of schools and academies available to its citizens, however, most are only open to boys and young men. These academies are famous for teaching mathematics, astronomy, athletics, agriculture, military training, philosophy, and other sciences. There are four colleges for ladies only, specializing in arts, dance, music, textiles, and social graces.

Sports and theatre are a large part of Endymion's culture, keeping the populous entertained. There are coliseums and large stage areas in all three municipal-territories and smaller arenas in the outlying towns and ports. Plays, poetry readings, and political discussions are highly attended. Poets can be found reciting in town squares as well as on stage. Poets are highly respected members of the community and are often the younger sons of wealthy families. Every year, there are two major sporting events attended by nearly all in the country and several from neighboring countries. Fortunes have been made and lost betting on these events.

All races can be found in Endymion, kentauri, arzshenk, and humans being the most prominent. Considering themselves enlightened, Endymion does not tolerate discrimination, slavery, or hate crimes. Nor do they practice capital punishment. Instead, Endymion chooses to exile those who do not conform to society and their laws. Violent criminals may be encouraged to "do the honorable thing" by taking their own live, paying hefty fines to their victims (of victims family), or forcibly removed from the borders of Endymion and left with only the clothing on their backs to survive. Many an independent female has been removed in such a manner, especially when demanding equal rights. The people in general seem rather pleased with their elected leaders, who0 tend to keep them out of the wars and squabbles of their neighbors. Although a generally peaceable nation, Endymion supports a rather disciplined militia who protects its people and elected officials fiercely. This militia is a cross between a Spartan army and the armies of Rome, on smaller scale.

Endymion flourishes in the arts, athletics, and philosophies. Poverty is uncommon, but it does exist. Endymion trades regularly with Antenor and Madoré, remaining cooly neutral toward Ardys and Corsinth.  A large part of Endymion's economy stems from the education of foreigners, from wool, spices, sculptures, pottery, frescoes, wine, and cattle. Imports include silks, linen, cotton, beer, and various vegetables.

Grand Marshal Agran (sìochäir; Commander of Agran's Free-Guards)
Wilce (human)

Leitus: municipal-territory    
Axon: lake    
Cipriano: city    
Delia: town    
Dorian: river    
Pandaros: municipal-territory    
Fornax: town    
Ippoliti: port    
Lavfen: forest
Myrene: town    
Sixto: port    
Theotis: city    
Thaeges: municipal-territory/capitol city    
Kossos: port

Bronze-bit: dime-sized bronze coin
Satyr Penny: penny-sized bronze coin, worth two bits
Talent: quarter-sized bronze coin worth ten satyr pennies
Drachma: quarter-sized silver coin worth 12 talents
Kentauri Crown: nickel-sized gold coin worth 20 drachmas
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