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About Bashir

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:16 pm

Bashir is the smallest nation on the continent of Kefira, mainly desert, located in the north-eastern corner of the continent. The people are very much like the tribesmen of the Middle East. There are only three towns in Bashir, along the norther coast: Honiel, Tere, and Ural. There is no true capital nor a true ruler of Bashir. In times of international crisis, Bashir defers to Jiwani, otherwise matters are settled between the nomadic tribes themselves.

Races commonly found in Basir are arzshenk, shah-mar, giants, humans, and demonkin. Slavery is as common as polygamy. All outsiders are mistrusted save for those from Jiwani. The people are mostly nomadic tribesmen, and it is a very male-dominated society. Women are generally looked upon as property, cherished most times, but property nonetheless. Children are often seen but seldom heard.  The tribes move from oasis to oasis with their highly prized horses.  

Having no centralized government, the people rely upon traditions, honor, and tribal elders to guide them. Polygamy is commonplace and the religions vary by tribes.

Bashir is famous for its spices and horses as well as its fine wools from sheep and goats. These items are traded out to foreigners in the three coastal towns, along with rare cheeses, in exchange for varying items. Jewelry, baskets, and pottery from Bashir craftsman are also highly prized in all lands.  In the markets of the three trade towns, most anything can be found, for the right price.

Hamal: river    
Honiel: market town    
Surya: oasis    
Tere: market town    
Tiaban: oasis    
Ural: market town    
Eben: oasis    
Monja: oasis
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