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About Qian-hua

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:29 pm

Qian-hua is a rather large country on the small continent of Sirikit. It takes up nearly the entire continent, sharing the north with frozen Yurik and the south with the island nation of Zeshin. It has a feel of Old China and a mingling of other asian cultures scattered throughout its territories. It is steeped in old traditions that many in Tethys have difficulty comprehending.  

Chiaki, the capital city, is home to several thousand and is the largest city in Qian-hua.  Other notable cities and towns include Shivar, Siamek, and Mekong. Qian-hua is ruled by an emperor and rule is passed on from father to son. The eldest son always inherits, unless he does not outlive his father.  The Emperor has several wives to insure that there will be a successor of the emperor's blood. Any sons who prove unworthy of the empire are executed long before they are able to inherit and taint the family line.

Polygamy is only practiced by the emperor and is strictly forbidden among the nobles and commoners.  The Emperor is surrounded by a large and loyal army who keep the rest of the populous in line and enforce the traditions that span for centuries. Among his many wives, the Emperor also has numerous concubines who serve both the Emperor, his sons, and his chosen guests. Rather than one true religion, Qian-hua is a land of various philosophical beliefs as well as paganism. Tradition is filled with superstition and wild tales of gods, heroes, villains, and strange creatures.

Races found in Qian-hua are few, mainly being sìochäir, humans, and dragonkin. Demonkin are rather populous here as compared to other countries and are very much feared and hated. Qian-hua is also home to dragons who are both revered and hunted at the same time (much like the buffalo were to the native americans). Outsiders are not overly welcome except for trade ambassadors, and they are viewed as more of a necessary evil rather than on friendly terms.

Qian-hua is famous for its medicines, spices, silks, martial arts, and medical treatments.  Other than its exports, little is known about this secretive country.

Chiaki: capitol city    
Shivar: large town    
Siamek: port city    
Mekong: port city    
Shinji: mountain
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