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About Serapion

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:33 pm

Serapion is a medium sized country located in the north-western section of Kefira. It is mainly a desert nation of warring tribes who have been united under one ruler. Its culture is much like the darker side of Egypt, prior to Roman invasion. Apophis is the capital city of Serapion, considered to be the birthplace of the Great Serpent. Other sizable towns are Ibana, Neferhotep, Yii, and Menkhu.

Serapion is ruled by the shah-mar, and all other races are considered inferior. Other races can be found in Serapion, such as the arzshenk, gnomes,  faileäs sìochäir, humans, and giants. Many of these are slaves captured in raids or tradesmen who are visiting rather than residing in Serapion.  

Slave markets are found in nearly every city and town and polygamy is both legal and encouraged.  Religion in Serapion leans heavily toward The Great Serpent and his siblings. Anyone thought to be dishonoring The Great Serpent is executed ritualistically bu fire. The screams of those sacrificed to the gods ring out twice daily and the smoke often darkens the skies.

Serapion has a tradition of violence, warring, and blood offerings to their gods. Females are not quite treated equally among the nobles and royals, and definitely beneath the male among the commoners.  Slaves are used for nearly every menial task, for building, entertainments, and sacrifices. Crimes are harshly punished and few dare to go against the word of the High Priests or the Serpent King.  

Polygamy is restricted to the nobles and royals of Serapion only.

Qian-hua imports many varieties of foods and drinks, a few spices and herbs, and a select few textiles.  Its exports are jewelry, pottery, furniture, linen, papyrus, chariots, and cosmetics.

Apophis: capitol city    
Neferhotep: city    
Yii: city    
Menkhu: city    
Raia: temple    
Qenymin: village
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