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About Yurik

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:45 pm

Yurik, also known as the Iron Republic, is a tiny northern nation on the continent of Sirikit. It is the smallest known country on Pangala. It is very cold and rather primitive, having the smallest populous per square mile as well. Yurik has the flavor of Slavic nations of eastern Europe and old Russia, with even less technology. There are no towns or rulers in Yurik, only a few fishing villages that dot the coastline and mountain villages that harvest the hardwoods for trade.

With no official government, Yurik relies on village elders and tradition to keep things peaceful among the few natives. With such a small populous, polygamy is common if only to keep the dwindling population from dying out completely. Many younger generations have left the frozen wasteland to seek better lives elsewhere.  Religion does not exist of a formal level, and there are many superstitions regarding ghosts, demons, and demon-kin here.

Races found in Yurik are mainly giants, with a small group of dwarves and an even smaller group of humans.  Demon-kin and ice dragons can also be found from time to time. There is no slavery on Yurik, those who are found to be disruptive are exiled from the villages and left the fend for themselves among the frozen forests to make their way southward into Qian-hua and from there to other countries.  

The weather is hostile and dangerous, the people hardened to the harsh environment. In the main, the people themselves are quiet, hard working, and rather friendly to strangers. Yurik exports fish, hardwoods, and furnishings. Its hardwoods are famous all over Pangala. Imports are mainly food and drink, textiles, and livestock.

Chev: fishing village    
Lagbec: forest    
Skiroe: pirate cove    
Yossi: fishing village    
Zoya: fishing village
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