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About Zeshin

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:50 pm

Zeshin is a small island nation off the southern coast of Sirikit. It is almost as small as Yurik to the north. Like Qian-hua, is has a decidedly asian feel, but more Japanese/Polynesian than that of China.  There is only one true city and that is rather small. Various towns and villages can be found scattered along the islands.  

The capital city of Haruhiro is home to the royal family and the center of all trade. Other important towns are Kyoshi, Okakura, Hatoyama, Matsura, and Shirokawa. A bit more is known about Zeshin than Qian-hua, but not much more. Like Qian-hua, Zeshin has an Emperor who has several wives and concubines. Again, it is a male-dominated society, however, women are rather cherished and pampered here. Sons inherit after their fathers, and like Jiwani, it is not always the eldest, but instead it is the one who proves most worthy.

There is a caste system and families form clans rather than tribes. Zeshin is full of long traditions and famed for its disciplined warriors, both male and female. The government of Zeshin relies heavily upon its army and navy to keep the peace within its borders and rewards its warriors generously. The Emperor and his family are quite popular and well loved among the people. There is no true religion in Zeshin, but rather various gods and philosophies. Dragons are considered gods and dragonkin are considered among the blessed.

Dragons are rare in Zeshin, but can be found. Like Qian-hua, the royal family is descended from dragonkin.  The populous is made of varying sìochäir, humans, giants, demonkin, and halflings. The shah-mar, arzshenk and kentauri are considered abominations and hated as much as demonkin.

Slavery and polygamy exist in Zeshin, with slaves being taken from the lower classes and prisoners.  Polygamy is permitted only with permission from the chief magistrates of each town or village, and the man must prove that all parties involved agree to the match and that it is made out of love between all in the family.

Zeshin exports fine silks, rare fish and meats, spices, medicinal herbs, steel, weapons, and mercenaries. Imports include produce, livestock, cotton, and linen.

Haruhiro: capitol city    
Kyoshi: fishing town    
Okakura: town    
Hatoyama: town    
Matsura: port town    
Shirokawa: port town
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