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Tuli-yatis Seolfur

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Tuli (Tuli-yatis Zeyada Aine Seolfur) was raised as a druid (Celtic, not D&D) by her eldest sister Ko-tori Inu, earning the rank of bard. She wanders from town to town, armed with her harp, her wits, and a long knife. She is skilled in combat with a short sword, knife; healing, music, and elemental magics. As a sidhe and druid, she is able to shape-shift at will, cast glamours, and is unable to tell a lie (she can omit things, dance around them, but cannot truly lie). Tuli has a rather dry sense of humor and a fondness for cognac and absinthe.

Having lived a very long time, Tuli has a habit of reinventing herself from time to time. Bard, druid, mercenary and sometimes pirate, are among her many roles in life. Tuli is a wild child of nature and loves to wander and see new places, meet new people, and learn new lore. Although Tuli is somewhat submissive by nature, she is no push-over and can be very deadly in battle.

Tuli tends to wear simple, loose clothing and is always barefoot. As a bard, Tuli is often found in taverns or in town/village squares plying her trade on her harp. She can also be found wandering the woods alone, communing with nature and will occasionally set sail for new lands. She is always armed with a long knife, a short sword, and her elemental magic. She does have an unusual phobia of horses, having had her left hand bitten when she was very young. She carries the scars of the bite to this day. She is ambidextrous, but favors her left hand.

General details
Age: 2117
Apparent Age: 20
Body modifications: Piercings and tattoos
Body type: Human
Build: Lithe
Eye color: Ash-grey/Silver
Fur/scale/skin color: very pale
Gender: Female
Hair: Silvery-white, very long (knee-length)
Height/Length: 5'
Location: Wanders town to town, sometimes in the woods as well.
Occupation: Druid, bard, pirate, ambassador, spy, jack-of-all-trades
Personality: Quiet, shy at times, musically inclined
Relationship: Single
Species: Sidhe (3/4 sidhe, 1/4 human)
Weight: 95 lb
Family: Jhevan (father-deceased), Aine Seolfur (mother-deceased), Linleriel (step-mother-deceased), Ko-tori Inu (eldest sister), Brehon (older brother), Sylvina (older sister), Alain (younger brother-deceased); Nodel/Moon (cousin), Alain (son), Aine De Danann (aunt), Rodren Mcvol (cousin); Taewren Mcvol (cousin)

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