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Aine De Danann

Post by Aine De Danann on Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:43 pm

Faerie Queen of the Summerlands, Áine is an ancient Sidhe queen associated with midsummer and the sun as well as the moon. Like all sidhe, she is immortal, ageless and lusty. Áine is also known as a Faery Queen of Summer. She has a reputation for being exceedingly friendly with humans, sìochäir, other fey, taurine (arzshenk, kentauri, etc.), and other sylvan races. She is also fond of bovine, equine, and creatures of the wild.

As a member of the sidhe race, Áine can shape-shift, cast glamour, charm, and illusion spells, has a natural ability to manipulate light and the elements. She also cannot tell a lie. She is tricky, however, and will hold to the letter of her word, not the spirit of it. Aine is also immortal and can be found in nearly any time-frame/setting.

All magic for the sidhe is by extension a part of their half-divine soul gifted to them by the gods and goddesses. Through them, the sidhe are born with the ability to learn how to manipulate this semi-divine energy and use it to change aspects of the world around them. This magic is inherently weak to Iron which harms and saps the divine nature of the Sidhe. Iron (also called the sun-killer) in all its forms is harmful to the sidhe.

Áine is the aunt of Tuli-yatis and very fond of her niece.
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