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Captain Caius Saunders

Post by Cai Saunders on Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:48 pm

A rather feminine pirate, Cai prefers to be a lover over a fighter, but she can be deadly when pressed or after a prize. Raised in a brothel until her 16th year, she worked as a chambermaid and eventually as one of the many prostitutes. Upon the death of her mother, she was claimed by her father and learned to sail. Under the guidance of her father and his captain, Cai quickly learned navigation and the intricacies of leadership and warfare. She is not as skilled as her elders, but she can be as ruthless. Fairly skilled in sword-play, she is an average shot with a pistol or musket, hitting her target more often than not. After eight years of sailing on the Whispering Wind, she earned the captain trust with a ship and crew of her own. She now captains the Hellfire Damnation, a 24 gun frigate with a crew of 78.

She is more often found in taverns, drinking and gambling or finding other forms of entertainment than sailing. Cai is a competent captain and has the respect of her crew, however she is not overly fond of sea-life. Cai has a wicked sense of humor and an odd sense of justice and honor. Cai follows a strict rule of not bedding her crew members, however, she will happily bed townies and other seafarers. She has been known to kidnap random civilians and either ransom them or sell them off as slaves. On the rare occasion, she has been known to keep a slave or two for herself.

She is one of the Salt Wolves of the Pirate Isles, daughter to Bryan Anders and niece of the notorious pirate captain Labhruinn MacRae.
Cai Saunders

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