Queen Lüvenia Cèdolin of Ardys

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Queen Lüvenia Cèdolin of Ardys

Post by Queen Luvenia on Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:51 pm

Lüvenia Cèdolin is a frustrated and angry queen of a land she hates and wed to a man she has little respect for. Bartered to the muirichinn sìochäir (high elf) King Sil-Gamil Cèdolin of Ardys to forge a war and trade alliance between her homeland of Madoré and Ardys, Luvenia had to little say in her marriage. The King cares little for her, and often neglects his young bride; nearly resenting the fact he needs her for the alliance, and the gold she brings with her. He is far too busy with his generals and ministers plotting war against the Corsinthians. She is a needed, yet unwelcome addition to the kingdom with her faileäs sìochäir (shadow elf) blood and the dark history of her people. Everyone on the continent of Tethys knows the sad, frightful history of the faileäs sìochäir and the punishment inflicted upon them by the goddess Aryserëne. Even now, more than 5000 years later, they carry the guilt of their ancestors for the crime of cannibalism.

Lüvenia, however, is only half faileäs sìochäir, her father once a minor noble of the muirichinn sìochäir. She lacks the scab-black skin and white hair of her mother and misses her home in Madoré. Lost and lonely, traded for an alliance and forced to live in the sun and walk among those who insult her, she seeks solace in the library, a dark and cool room that reminds her of the caverns she once dwelt in, in the forgotten depths of the castle, and along the shores of the sea with its high, rocky cliffs littered with small caves. Luvenia is rarely permitted to leave the castle and must sneak out through the subterranean tunnels under the palace when she wishes to be free of walls.

To spite her neglectful husband, Luvenia has warmed to humans who visit the king and finds them fascinating. She will sometimes seek them out for conversation and companionship, occasionally slipping into bed with a willing guest. As Queen, it is her duty to provide the kingdom with an heir, even if the king himself has neglected to participate and do his part. Luvenia longs to have children of her own and is not overly particular about who might sire them.
Queen Luvenia

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