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About Madoré

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Madoré is a medium sized country in Tethys, populated mostly by the faileäs sìochäir. Madoré is a very rocky and somewhat inhospitable terrain. The soil is very airid. The land is a rather rugged savannah and pock-marked with limestone caves and natural hot springs. When the faileäs sìochäir first arrived in Madore, the caves provided ready shelter. The caves have been expanded to house entires cities and are used as famillial fortifications, secured and contained. The bigger the cave complex, the more resources, and wealthier the family. There is no complex underground network, despite persistance rumors of such.

Madoréan culture is a rather mixed, being similar to renaissance Florence, a touch of Sicily, and hints of Elizabethan era Spain. It is a matriarchal society, where women tend to the running of the government, businesses, and households, and men serve as protectors in the army and navy, as well as sailing and fishing. Wealth and status are the social norms, the more wealth one has, the higher one's status in society. Madoré are divided by clans who consider everyone in the clan part of that particular family. There are often small fueds among the clans, resulting is hostile takeovers of clan run businesses. The most lucrative business (outside of military work) is banking. The most powerful banking family in Madoré is the Beliorith family, headed by Matriarch Astoevial Siolindë Beliorith. Slavery is very common in Madoré, their markets famous across Tethys.

The Madoréans are a very proud and war-like people, vindictive and highly distrustful of their neighbors. For the sake of economic balance, wars are rarely waged, but the armies and navies of the Madoréans often serve other counties who can afford their costs. Madoré has no respect for Endymion and other nations who supress their womenfolk. They have respect for Antenor, however, and a rather fragile alliance with Ardys. Strength is highly respected and weakness is despised. Machismo is common among the men of Madoré and the women are hot-tempered and passionate. Madoré also embraces a hedonistic libertine philosophy in life, believing that passions are natural and to be encourgaed rather than supressed. Orgiastic festivals, similar to those of ancient Rome, are common and very public. The Feast of Ereem is one of the most popular of these festivals.

The main religion in Madoré is the Cult of Carennovele. Cast off by Ardyserenë, the faileäs sìochäir have embraced a new goddess Carennovele who welcomes them with open arms. Her ceremonies are traditionally held on nights with a full moon. Carennovele is the Goddes of the Moons and mysteries, among other things. The Goddess Ardesyerenë is feared and hated among the faileäs sìochäir, due to the punishment she inflicted upon them 8,000 years ago. Faileäs sìochäir are a branch of the origianl sìochäir clans of the island called Auriol.

When Auriol shifted due to earthquakes, and drifted southward to freeze, the sìochäirabandoned their homelands and took to the seas. Some were better prepared than others. The seas took its tole on all the survivors and many made it to the Island of Samera. Food was scarce, fresh water was scarcer. Some of the drifters survived via the sin of cannibalism. Those who did were forever cursed by the Goddess Ardyserenë, marked by their deed. Their skin is black as a scab, (black with a reddish hue), and they were cast upon the shores of Madoré rather then Samera, seperated from those who did not partake in the sin. The Goddess marked them so all would know of her displeasure, wearing their sin upon their skin. The decendants carry the mark still, and they have a reputation for being egocentrical, manipulative, and somewhat evil.

Madoré is very advanced in the sciences, arts, warfare, banking, and medicines. Exports tend to be of weapons, ships, fish, precious metals, iron, steel, precious gems, slaves, soldiers, and sailors. Imports are too numerous to list.

Bronze Bit - dime sized coin
Ducat - quarter sized silver coin, worth 150 bits
Four-Piece - half-dollar sized perforated gold plated coin, worth 40 ductas
Florin - quarter sized gold coin (twice as thick), worth 20 four-pieces

High Priestess Avidoxa Métisse (faileäs sìochäir; Varoli)
Matriarch Astoevial Siolindë Beliorith (faileäs sìochäir; Varoli)
Phaerun Beliorith (faileäs sìochäir; son of Astoevial Siolindë Beliorith)

Andreoli: city
Nandina: city
Novrianto: city
Scytia: town
Spyglass: river
Varoli: capitol city

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