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About The Pirate Isles

Post by Tuli-yatis on Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:22 am

The Pirate Isles are a scattering of islands in the mist enshrouded "No Man's Land". Centered between the known edges of the three known continents of Panagala, they are the claimed territories of the infamous Salt Wolves. With all the known (and unknown) dangers of the seas, only the Salt Wolves dare much sailing outside they comparative safety of this small stretch of sea.

The Salt Wolves are a loosely organiozed band of pirates, preying on various merchant and fishing ships. There ios a loose form of governing among the Salt Wolves known as Pirate Lords. There are capatins who have risen above the others in reputation for their cunning, fighting and sailing skills, and sheer ruthlessness. No one knows how many Pirate Lords there are, although best estimate is around thriteen. Other than among the Pirate Lords themselves, their identities are unknown, although several more famous captains are suspected to be ammong their numbers.

Merchant ships and fishing vessels are easy prey for the alt Wolves, as only Madore has an established Navy (it's numbers are few). However, ships from Madore and those escorted by Agran's Free Guards have proven to be difficult prizes and are often avoided by the Salt Wolves.

The Salt Wolves' flag is called the Blood and Bones, giving rise to various names that the pirates are known by: Blood-n-Bones, Bloody Bones, and Blood WOlves. In general, the pirates refer to themselves as Salt Wolves, flying teh Blood and Bones above their own personal flags.

Captain Labhruinn MacRae (and crew)
Captain Caius Saunders (and crew)
Captain Alasdair Coven Gold (deceased)

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