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Post by Tuli-yatis on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:34 pm

We ask players to be 16+ years old due to the nature of our environment and the context of our story lines. It is not our place to police the internet and keep young children from viewing sites unacceptable to their parents, or from joining in inappropriate storylines. That is why they have parents and/or guardians. We are not cyber nannies and will accept NO responsibility for offenses given to minors or the parents/guardians of minors. Players will not be asked their ages; that is none of our business and rather invasive. We go upon the honor system and hope that you are honest with us as well. There are many various adult situations that will take place in our world (including but not limited to strong language and violence) that are inappropriate for underage players. Players who prove to be obnoxiously immature, regardless of age, will be asked to play elsewhere.

1. Keep the use of foul language and adult scenes at a minimum. Details of bedroom life are not appropriate for the boards. It is fine to hint that such things happen, but do not go into graphic detail. As for foul language, if you cannot say it in front of your grandmother/pastor/priest/six year old not put it on the boards. (damn, arse, ass, and hell are acceptable). Our boards have a TOS (Terms of Service) that prohibits us somewhat in our creativity.

2. Please do not just jump into an storyline without reading it thoroughly and start playing. Read the previous posts and have a reason for being in the storyline. And please, please, please, have the courtesy not to be an storyline killer. Someone worked hard at coming up with the scenario they have introduced to the rest of us, don't just jump in and save the day in one fell swoop and end the storyline. Also make certain your post actually moves the story along. Give people something to react/respond to.

3. When in doubt, ask. If you do not understand what is going on in a storyline, ask the creator or someone involved. Assumptions tend to make us all look bad and also have the tendency to offend people when you jump to the wrong conclusions.

4. Play only your characters unless you have prior permission to play someone else's. (In other words, no God-moding).

5. If someone's character has not interacted with yours for a few days/weeks in real life, do not go off on some tangent that you are being ignored, snubbed, etc. Real life ALWAYS takes precedence over game play.

6. If you use a character portrait on the boards, make certain you have permission from the originator or you are the originator. We ask that everyone here respects copyright laws.

7. No net-speak or abbreviated text spelling. If you are too lazy to spell out words properly, then please play elsewhere. (i.e. Please do not use "U" for you, "2" for to/two/too, etc.)

8. You may have as many character on the boards as you can create e-mail accounts for. Each name registered on the boards must have its own separate e-mail account (it is how the posting board works). If you are limited to just one e-mail, contact me at and I can assist you in getting all your characters on the boards. You also have the option of creating a main name on the posts and listing the character name at the top of your posts so that the rest of us can keep track of who (character) is posting what.

9. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS respect copyright! We only accept original characters, and all artwork must either be your own or you need permission to use it. Same goes for poetry/songs. If you use them, credit the originator(s).

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