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About Corsinth

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Color: Black & Purple
Symbol: Black Dragon
Capitol: Prassada
Ruler: Rey Telpoctli XI

Corsinth is a small nation in south-western Tethys, ruled by dragon-kin (humans who have dragon ancestry). The dragon-kin of Corsinth strongly believe in their divine right to rule, their ancestors having been hand-picked by a dragon to carry its seed and lord over the commoners and slaves of its island.

The nation of Corsinth was founded approximately 3000 years ago on the island of Coratur (called Samera by Ardys, Antenor, and Madoré). As their population grew, they spread to surrounding Adiago Islands and eventually to the mainland of Tethys. Corsinth claims all of the Adiago Islands as their own, bringing them into conflict with the elves of Ardys and occasionally with Antenor regarding the Isle of Chalor. Corsinthians have never forgotten their beginnings and take great pains to remind their neighbors of their heritage and birthrights, due to their divine blood.

Coratur was the home of an ebony nightwing dragon known as Cromok Coratur who had acquired a contingency of slaves to tend its flocks and secure the island from hunters and other dragons. To ensure loyalty, Cromok chose various women among the slaves to bare half-breed offspring to act as the overseers of the slaves. Only the healthiest, strongest, and most attractive women were chosen to bare these children. Over the centuries, Cromok sired approximately 850 children, who were then inter-bred to continue the bloodlines.

Cromok would often raid, favoring the land of Ardys for much of his sporting pleasures and was eventually killed by an elven hero. Cromok had reigned approximately one thousand years on Coratur before his demise. The death of Cromok created the need for unity between the overseers and the slaves. Already in command, the progeny of Cromok took complete charge of the populous and became the founders of the noble families in Corsinth. A series of contests was held among the strongest, wisest, and fairest of the men to determine who would rule over all. Telpochtli I won the final round and became the first Rey of Corsinth. His descendants rule today.

Corsinth is ruled by the Rey and Reina, hereditary titles of the King and Queen. The Rey has much wealth, as do all the nobles; most peasants are impoverished and have few rights, other than to serve. Corsinth is a male-dominated society with very strong-willed, passionate women. There is much machismo in Corsinth and grandstanding among the men. A man must be strong enough, in mind and body, to dominate his woman, or she will let the world know he is not. She will not respect him and will take every opportunity to humiliate and embarrass him if he fails his duty to dominate her. Occasionally a man may be murdered by his woman, her family, his family, or a rival family if he proves to be soft or weak. It is very rare for this particular crime to be punished.

The home of the Rey is an enormous castle, built of cream-colored stone and set on the crest of a hill. It overlooks the city of Prassada to the north and the Liana Ocean and Adiago Islands to the south and west. It is approached by a narrow paved road that is heavily guarded and all travelers upon this road are searched at various points along the way. Prassada serves as the capitol city, home to the Rey and Reina, as well as their immediate families.

Prassada is a large, well-populated city beside the sea and is best known as a playground for the wealthy. The city is famous for its fine swords and metal-smiths.

Corsinthian culture is very much artistic and passionate, often times considered barbarous by the other nations of Tethys. Punishments for crimes are swift, harsh, and brutal. In-breeding of the royal and noble children is common, to keep the bloodlines pure. Madness will sometimes be found among the nobles and royals, however the usual problems found in the inbred are extremely rare due to the mitigating factor of the dragon in their blood. The common people do not dare to speak out or revolt against the stronger dragon-kin.

Races found in Corsinth vary, mainly being dragon-kin, humans, dwarves, and halflings. A very small number of the populous are kentauri and taurin. Demon-kin can also be found, although they are generally hunted down and destroyed. The people of Corsinth are great miners, smiths, fishermen, sailors, and boatwrights. Corsinth exports fine wines (almost as famous as Ardys), superb steel armor and weapons, wool, and furnishings. It imports spices and textiles.

Corsinth is coolly neutral toward Endymion and have trade agreements with Madoré, Bashir, Jiwani, and Serapion. Ardys and Antenor are considered hostile enemies. The Pirate Isles are considered the scourge of all civilized nations (Corsinth being a rather favorite target of the sea-wolves). Other nations are merely ignored or unknown at this time to Corsinth. Corsinth is in the process of building ships to pursue the pirates and make the coastal waters between Corsinth and the continent of Azania safe for itself and its allies.

Rey: Telpochtli XI (dragonkin)
Reina: Akna (wife and eldest sister of Telpochtli XI)
Prince: Omacatl X (brother of Telpochtli and Akna)
Prince: Telpochtli XII (son of Telpochtli and Akna, husband and brother of Princess Chantico)
Princess: Chantico (daughter of Telpochtli XI and Akna; sister and wife of Telpochtli XII)
Prince: Ixtliltou VII (son of Telpochtli XI and Akna)
Prince: Omacatl XI (son of Telpochtli XI and Akna)

Ancira (city)
Armida (town)
Arsola (fort)
Carnia (city)
Chalor (island)
Corana (village)
Coratur (island; also called Samera)
Manora (city)
Prassada (Capitol City)
Santo (river)
Sotero (town)
Adiago Islands (islands)

Bronze Bit - dime-sized bronze coin
Ducat - quarter sized silver coin worth 150 bronze bits
Piece - a section of a Four Piece; worth 10 ducats
Four Piece - half-dollar sized perforated silver coin worth 40 ducats
Reals - dime-sized gold coin worth 20 four pieces

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