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About Hannon

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:21 pm

Hannon is a rather small country south of Serapion. It was once part of Jiwani, but branched off and formed its own country approximately two-hundred years ago. This happened during what is now known as the Minotaur Wars. Hannon has a Hindu-India feel to it, with no true cities. Only three towns of sizable notice can be found in Hannon: Medinah, Saroon, and Samer. Medinah serves as the capital of Hannon.

Races found in Hannon are mainly arzshenk, some giants, humans, kuljana, and dragonkin. Very few shah-mar, sìochäir, and fey are found within its borders. Hannon is ruled by the arzshenk, led by an elder Matriarch. When this matriarch reaches a venerable age, she chooses a successor from her younger council.

The culture of Hannon is decidedly similar to that of Hindu India, with a twist. Females rule in Hannon rather than the males, tho in the main, both genders are treated nearly equally. It is a polygamist nation, where men can have several wives and women can have several husbands. Slavery is common in Hannon as are strict seperations of class and wealth. It is also a pagan nation where the cow is considered the most sacred creature of the gods, and the arzshenk as direct descendants of the gods.  Reincarnation is firmly believed in.

Many rare herbs and spices are grown in Hannon, exported at high cost to buyers. Bovine are sacred here, considered to be fallen spirits of their ancestors. No beef is eaten or exported and it is a crime to harm or kill any bovine. Hannon rarely imports, being quite self-sufficient. They have an uneasy truce with Jiwani and have no love for Serapion. They are at peace with Sumati and Bashir.

Alcor: village    
Andujar: oasis    
Medinah: town/capitol    
Samer: town    
Saroon: town
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