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About Jiwani

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:25 pm

Jiwani is the largest of the five countries on Kefira. It is located north-central on the continent.  Jiwani's culture is very similar to Islamic India, prior to the Victorian England invasion. Tiva is the capitol, a very large and over-populated city. Other large towns include: Deouk, Rahasia, Shivar, and Lhaksma,  Villages dot the remaining country.

Jiwani rulership is passed from Father to Son, and not always the eldest. There is no ruling female, the Raj having no wife. The Raj keeps a rather large harem of concubines, guarded fiercely by eunuchs.  These concubines are gathered from all over Jiwani and a few are captured women from other countries as well. Among the children of these women, the next Raj is chosen by the father. He chooses the one he feels is most worthy, rather than relying upon age alone. When a son replaces his father as Raj, his mother is removed from the harem and placed in a position of honor until her death.  All his direct sisters are married off to various nobles or sent to harems as treaty offerings. All the brothers of the new Raj are either placed as nobles, priests, councilors, exiled, executed, or made into eunuchs at the new Raj's discretion.

Only among the nobles is polygamy practiced, not among the commoners or the poor. People are segregated not by race, but by caste and wealth. One does not mingle outside one's cast without dire consequences. There are but few gods worshiped in Jiwani and they are considered to be the only true gods. Those of other religions are shunned.

Foreign visitors are treated with some slight distrust and viewed as unworthies of the faith and culture of Jiwani, until they prove otherwise.

Jiwani quarrels often with Serapion and have an uneasy truce with Hannon. It has trade agreements with Antenor, Ardys, Corsinth, and Madoré. Bashir is under Jiwani protection. The country has a great many imports and exports, medical and science academies, and a few noted schools that are for men only.

Tiva: capitol city    
Deouk: town    
Rahasia: town      
Shivar: town    
Lhaksma: town
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