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About Sumati

Post by Silence Stugios on Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:38 pm

Sumati is a medium sized country that manages to remain neutral and in the main, uninvolved with its neighbors. Home of outcast faileäs sìochäir, its reputation alone is enough to keep its neighbors wary and respectful of its borders.

Sumati has a mixed feel of the faileäs sìochäir of Madoré and the tribal lifestyles of southern African nations. There are only two cities in Sumati, Themba and Sabiti, and hundreds of tiny tribal villages scattered throughout the dense jungles and savannahs.

Sumati has no true ruler, but rather each city and tribe has its own matriarch. Males are the warriors and hunters, females are the politicians. Life is harsh and dangerous in Sumati, a land filled with inner turmoils, natural disasters, wild beasts, and severe traditions. Religion varies from tribe to tribe and polygamy is practiced by about only one-third of the families.

Polygamy in Sumati is rather different from that of most other nations as Sumati is a very female dominated country. Here the females have several consorts rather than husbands. These consorts often fight amongst themselves for the attentions of their mistresses.

Slavery is common in Sumati, and all slaves are male only. Females who break the laws and traditions are punished with either exile or death. Slaves are always punished with death.

Few races other than the faileäs sìochäir are found in Sumati; however, tribes of arzshenk, demonkin, dragonkin, and dragons have been found to dwell there from time to time. Kulajana, giants, and the lighter skinned sìochäir are despised; humans, halflings, and kentauri are outright hated. Gnomes seem to be the only outside race welcome by the faileäs sìochäir of Sumati.

Sumati will only import items made by gnomes, prefering to make their own weapons and household goods to all others. Faileäs sìochäir weapons are highly sought after and rarely traded. Sumati exports nothing regularly.

Themba: city    
Sabiti: city
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