Races: Arzshenk (Minotaurs)

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Races: Arzshenk (Minotaurs)

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Arzshenk (Minotaurs): Large, heavily-muscled people. They were created by the Goddess Kiris from the sìochäir. Arzshenk vary in appearance by clans. Some are humanoid with merely a bovine head, others may resemble bovine from the waist down, and humanoid from the chest up. Still others can have both a bovine head and lower body with a humanoid torso and arms. All arzshenk have only two legs and two arms, and a bovine tail. They stand between seven and eight feet tall and can weigh up to 1000 pounds. Skin color varies as much as humans, and their bovine parts will also vary in color and shape. They tend to be quite clannish, usually an elder male serving as the head of the clan. However, it is a matriarchal society, with several elder females serving as council to the male. Arzshenk practice polygamy, the main objective being the quality of offspring rather than the relationship. The males are basically for protection and reproduction. They have a strong sense of honor and loyalty to their clan. Arzshenk are not arcanists and generally shun all types of magic, however they do have clerics to give honor to their goddess.

Most arzshenk encountered are young males who are out proving themselves to gain honor and attract wives. They can be fierce fighters, using their horns to gouge as well as other traditional weapons. Bachelor male groups will be jostling for dominance amongst themselves, females tend to be more introverted and subtle, but certainly not less aggressive or dangerous. Some few are truly solitary wanderers (again, usually male), and tend to hire themselves out as mercenaries.

The Arzshenk of Endymion tend to have a Spartan type culture. The females tend to the businesses and family, running the administrative side of the society. Males are the warrior protectors, sportsmen, and hunters. Their coloring is usually mottled browns, black, and whites.

The Arzshenk of Hannon follow a Hindu-like path, a more peaceful and philosophical way of life. Their main concerns are of a spiritual nature, but they are not pacifists. They can be as fierce and deadly as their cousins in Endymion. They spend much of their time in contemplation of the world around them, their place in it, their futures, and their past lives. They have many poets and naturalist and can be rather musical. Reincarnation is widely believed in, and natural cattle are treated as the returned spirits of their ancestors who have fallen from enlightenment and require guidance back. They are still family and treated with much respect. Although in the main the Hannon arzshenk are peaceful, when push comes to shove, they can be quite deadly foes...just ask the country of Jiwani. Their colorings tend toward solid greys, blacks, and white.

Arzshenk live to be approximately 60-75 years, although some have been known to reach 90 years of age. They have strong immune systems and can only cross-breed with Daemons (Succubus/Incubus) and the resulting offspring become full Daemons upon reaching puberty, djinn (appearing as arzshenk but with limited magical abilities), or with humans, sìochäir, and sidhe (the resulting offspring appearing as arzshenk). Arzshenk do not eat beef and do not like others to eat beef. An arzshenk from Endymion will consider it a great insult and become violent when someone kills or consumes cattle before them (or speaks of such). Arzshenk from Hannon will become offended as well, though they usually feel pity for both the cattle and the killer/devourer and will seek to enlighten the offender peacefully.

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