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About Ardys

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The Kingdom of Ardys

Colors: Sage Green & Gold Symbol: Laigren leaf
Capitol: Bijan Ruler: King Sil-Gamil Cedolin

Established approximately 8000 years ago, when refugees from Auriol settled in its fertile woods. Ardys is a small sìochäiran nation on the western coast of the continent Tethys. Ardys was named for the goddess Ardyserëne, who's domains include nature, healing, and the arts. Her symbol, the round green leaf of the Laigren tree, has been adopted as the national symbol and emblem of the royal household. Over the centuries, the sìochäiran villages grew into towns, ports, and cities, and the population has lately grown to include several other races.

The culture in Ardys centers around the muirichinn sìochäir (high elves), who are the majority. All of the royal family is of sìochäiran descent and approximately 70% of the aristocracy are also of sìochäiran blood. The sìochäir consider themselves to be more sophisticated than the other races known to them (with the exception of the sidhe) and behave towards the other races as if they were mildly disruptive children.

Medicine is considered an art in Ardys along with food, textiles, music, and crafts. There are three Academies where one can enroll to learn traditional techniques as well as new methods in healing. sìochäiran lords (those descended from the royal founding line) have inherited an ability to heal by touch certain illnesses. These illnesses can range from mild to life threatening, depending on the individual and the illness (generally heal things like mumps, measles, minor fevers and skin irritations, and early stages of flu-symptoms. They cannot heal severe illnesses like plagues, cancers, etc.)

Once per year, on the first day of Spring, a ceremony known as The Day of Healing takes place. Traditionally only other sìochäir are healed among the various social classes. However, due to the high fatality rate from the last war with Corsinth, several of the Lords with this gift have taken it upon themselves to offer the healing to all those for whom they are responsible for in their jurisdictions.

Bijan is the extremely crowded Capitol City in the heart of the kingdom. It is a large, prosperous city built predominantly of grey stone and defended by elaborate triple walls. A deep and treacherous moat circles the entire city to keep its populous safe (mainly from Corsinth). It is well known for its massive carved gates, its large market squares, and numerous gardens. Many of the King's Own call Bijan home. These men live to serve and protect the royal family and the kingdom

The palace, built of dark grey stone and marble, sits high above the bustling city of Bijan. It is double-walled and approached by wide cobbled roads. Gate-houses filled with knights carefully screen each visitor to the palace. Every incoming and exiting vehicle is inspected as carefully as each person. King Sil-Gamil rarely leaves the palace these days due to the unrest of his people. His marriage to Queen Luvenia is not a popular one among the people of Ardys, nor is it a happy one for him. It is suspected that the Princess Estée Ivory is not the daughter of King Sil-Gamil. Thankfully, the people and nobles heartily approve of his third wife, Princess Consort Anália.

Polygamy is legal and encouraged in Ardy. The constant warring with Corsinth has depleted the younger men from the country and male has been encouraged to take second and thrid wives. Bastardy has been abolished for the same reason, with it now being law that every child is legitimately the son or daughter of the father. Because humans procreate a bit faster than the sìochäir, relations with the human population has improved somewhat.

Various nobles tend to the towns and villages, collecting taxes and tending to the lower courts and politics. All nobles are answerable only to the king. The monarchy is not overly popular with the people, taxes are high and poverty is heavy. Most nobles and politicians are corrupt, although King Sil-Gamil himsself is not. He is well aware of the corruption in his kingdom but usually turns a blind eye to such matters...unless it strikes at him directly. Civil uprisings are frequently quelled.

Ardys and Corsinth are recovering from a second recent war and tensions are very high between the leaders of both nations. Emissaries from Antenor, Hannon, Madoré, and Endymion are currently working on behalf of Ardys to help keep the peace and to keep trade flowing for the economy of all of Tethys.

All races can be found in Ardys, with Muirichinn Sìochäir being the majority. Giants, dwarves, demon-kin, and draconics are generally treated poorly unless they are of a noble family or wealthy merchants. Yuan-ti are hated and feared as much as the demon-kin; humans are generally well liked and can be found among the nobles and distantly related to the royal family.

Corsinth is a hated enemy of Ardys, the two countries both claiming the island of Samera (this often leads to war); allies are Antenor and Madoré.

Ardys exports fine wines, cheeses, grapes, wool, fine metal-works, and artwork. Its main imports consist of linen, spices, produce, silk, ales, and dyes.

King Sil-Gamil Mathias Mandolin Cedolin (sìochäir; Bijan)
Queen Alatáriël Cedolin(sìochäir; first wife of King Sil-Gamil; deceased)
Queen Luvenia Cedolin(sìochäir, mixed clans; second wife of King Sil-Gamil)
Princess Consort Anália Cedolin (sìochäir; third wife of King Sil-Gamil)
Prince Glithraldor Cedolin (sìochäir; son of Sil-Gamil and Alatáriël Cedolin; deceased)
Prince Octavien (sìochäir; son of Sil-Gamil and Alatáriël;deceased)
Prince Elvälas Cedolin(sìochäir; son of Sil-Gamil and Alatáriël Cedolin; deceased)
Princess Jeanette Cedolin (sìochäir; daughter of Sil-Gamil and Alatáriël Cedolin)
Princess Estée Ivory Cedolin (half sìochäir, mixed clans, half human; daughter of Luvenia Cedolin and Gaston Naevau)
Prince Edaihr Cedolin (sìochäir; son of Sil-Gamil and Anália Cedolin)
Grand Duchess Tinesia Cedolin (sìochäir; sister of Sil-Gamil)
Lord Lómondil Elryl (sìochäir; Chief Adviser to the King)
Sir Emerick Chenevier (human; personal guard to Sil-Gamil
Sir Brehon Seolfur (1/4-human/3/4-sidhe; son of Jhevan; personal guard to Sil-Gamil)
Sir Gaston Naveau (human; personal guard to Sil-Gamil; deceased)
Sir Benedict Fellstorm (half-sìochäir; personal guard to Sil-Gamil)
Sir Ælowadial Fírimë (sìochäir; personal guard to Sil-Gamil; Court Musician)
Sir Sir Etienne Arsène Marchand (human; personal guard to Sil-Gamil)
Marcus (human; valet and scribe to King Sil-Gamil)
Lord General Jhevan Seolfur (½ human, ½ sidhe; High General of Ardys; father of Brehon, Ko-
tori Inu, Sylvina; and Tuli; deceased)
Lady Linleriel Seolfur (sìochäir; wife of Lord Jhevan; mother of Sylvina; deceased)
Lady Áine Seolfur (sidhe; wife of Lord Jhevan; mother of Brehon, Ko-tori, and Tuli; deceased)
Lady Sylvina (1/4 human/1/4 sidhe/1/2 sìochäir; daughter of Lord Jhevan and Linleriel)
Lady Tuli-yatis Zeyada Áine Seolfur (¼ human/3/4 sidhe; daughter of Jhevan and Áine)
Lady Isabeau Chenevier (human; wife of Emerick)
Master Kyleiras (sìochäir; chief physician to Sil-Gamil)
Master Estam Swon (½ sìochäir/ ½ human; Master Teacher of the royals and nobles; grandfather
of Master Sion; deceased)
Master Sion Swon (¼ sìochäir/3/4 human; Master Physician to royal and noble houses; grandson
of Master Estam)

Andiron (town)
Atique (village)
Bijan (Capitol City)
Briarette (county)
Fabrienne (city)
Lake Marceaux
Lascalles (city)
Lidith River
Lombardy (county)
Monoiette (city)
Naverne (town)
Sione (village)
Ballentine (river)
Basilia (city)
Blythe Valley (village)
Wayward Boar (tavern/inn; Blythe Valley)
Samera (island)
Silverkeep Forest

Bronze Bit - dime-sized bronze coin
Triple Quarter - nickel-sized silver coin worth 75 bits
Ducat - quarter sized silver coin worth 3 triple quarters
Piece - a section of a Four Piece; worth 10 ducats
Four Piece - half-dollar sized perforated silver coin worth 40 ducats
Crown - dime-sized gold coin worth 20 four pieces

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